About the Quilliam Press

The Quilliam Press exists to serve men and women who have the courage to challenge some of the basic claims of the modern world. Since the dawn of time human beings have lived spiritual lives, in an environment suffused with ritual and meaning. The result was a tranquillity in their hearts and their social relations.

Modernity, by stressing matter alone, veils us from meaning, and in consequence we are alienated from our forefathers and from our souls.

The Quilliam Press is named after Shaykh Abdullah Quilliam (1856–1932). A Liverpool solicitor and campaigner for the rights of the oppressed, he converted to Islam in 1887, seeing it as the last religion which preserved its original teachings and practices intact. Quilliam preached Islam as the way of life which God had preserved to be the refuge for intelligent people horrified by the results of materialism.

In 1989 the Quilliam Press was founded in his memory. The Press publishes a range of books that are of relevance to Muslim seekers of truth. Highlights include The Muslim Marriage Guide by Ruqaiyyah Maqsood (Rosalyn Kendrick), Desert Encounter by Knud Holmboe, and Muslim Songs of the British Isles, which presents some of the original poetry and songs used by Quilliam’s community in Liverpool.

A highlight is The Mantle Adorned, an English translation and poetic commentary of the Burda of al-Busiri, the best-known classical Islamic poem.

The Quilliam Press is directed by Abdal Hakim Murad, dean of the Cambridge Muslim College, who follows the direction of his Shaykhs in seeking to promote the authentic classical teachings of the Holy Qur’an and the Sunna. Lectures, books, and video clips available on this site are all chosen to help seekers of truth navigate the modern labyrinth, to find their way back to the mercy of the Lord of the Worlds.